Junior Dream Cars

Junior Dream Cars focuses completely on the top segment of junior cars. Exclusive half scale cars that are a valuable investment, both now and in the future. A high-end atmosphere and luxurious details are at the center of our collection. Whether you buy one for decoration, advertising, or as a gift to your child, we have got the children’s cars you are looking for.

A junior car, a valuable investment

After years of collecting pedal cars, children’s cars, miniature cars and half scale cars, we realized that there is no other investment that gives more fulfillments. What could be better than seeing a child having fun in his very own junior car and then selling it for profit when they grow up and stopped playing with it.

In general, all high-end junior dream cars are made by hand in small series. This makes the value of the collectible and exclusiveness rise significantly. Worldwide, there are only a few children’s car producers that deserve the title ‘excellent’, as far as we are concerned. For this we look at the design, the techniques and the vehicle behavior.

The largest collection children's cars

Our collection varies from old school classic children’s cars to ultra modern miniature motorcycles. For all we know, we have the largest collection junior cars in the world. Most cars featured on this site are real driveable cars. Don’t be fooled; despite being childrens cars, these children’s cars can reach up to 50mph.

If you have any questions or would like to sell a showpiece, please contact us. You are also very welcome in our showroom, where we have a test/race track. If you live abroad, we have a special airport shuttle with a private chauffeur available. This shuttle will pick you up from Schiphol International airport. If desired, at your gate.


Latest news

February 20, 2016

Back in the late 80's the F40 was specially designed to celebrate Ferrari's 40th anniversary. Our junior F40 has the same nostalgic feeling as the original has.

December 12, 2015

Two new variants of the Lotus F1 have arrived today! The black John Player Special and the green Jim Clark.  Aren't they amazing?